Thursday, July 30, 2009

Vivani: Dark Chocolate with Espresso

Michael found this bar somewhere in Brooklyn. I had seen this brand once or twice in fancy bodegas, and had been recommended it by a friend months ago, but I'd never tried one until now. Now that I've known it, we have a lot to discuss. First, the stats:

Vivani: Dark Chocolate with Espresso
Cocoa content: 68%
Notable ingredients: espresso
Origin: n/a

I lied: we don't have that much to discuss. I was sceptical of this bar from the very beginning because I'm not one for coffee flavored things. It proved to be pretty tasty, but not so tasty that I'd go seeking other coffee-infused chocolates in the future. Maybe, though, I would give other Vivani bars a try -- they make orange-, lemon-, green tea-, and ginger-infused bars in addition to this espresso bar and a couple of plain darks.

Don't you hate it when people say "expresso?" Have you ever seen the letter X in an Italian word? This bar had sensible, roughly square inch-size pieces and a pleasing snap especially considering that it's not especially dark (and thus, as we've learned, brimming with cocoa butter.) And I can say, to this bar's credit, that the espresso flavor was at least very consistent, and not overwhelming. But this bar loses points with the wrapper because, what is that -- a person holding a big bar of chocolate with a head? I don't know. I don't know.

One thing definitely worth checking out is Vivani's website, which demonstrates in detail the process of chocolate making and organic chocolate farming. What it lacks in attractive web-design it makes up for in informational videos. This bar gets a B.


  1. hey helen,

    it's helen.
    i've been following your blog and have wanted to comment for a while, but i've never had a bold enough opinion about chocolate to warrant a comment.
    but your "espresso/expresso" comment rings true through my veins. at rancs, i occasionally have to make an espresso drinks. every now and again, we have espresso ice cream.
    the way i used to handle an "expresso" order was to repeat the order back to them, heavy emphasis on the "ESpresso". sometimes i'd point to the item's tag in hopes that they'd see the nonexistent "x," and the subtly existent "s."
    unfortunately, people didn't catch on that i was trying to help. i ended up looking either like a pretentious turd, (a la peets) or i'd just end up frustrated at the fultility of my efforts.

    anyway, i like your blog, and i hope to see you soon!


  2. this bar was purchased in greenpoint at a grocer called garden (921 manhattan ave).

    that picture is obviously of an expresso bean.