Friday, February 19, 2010

Lindt: Peach-Apricot Yogurt

O, sweet dairy. Ours is a forbidden love. This odd bar was gifted to me by my friend Wonja, by way of her parents (thanks, everyone involved.) The peach-apricot filling, though poisonous to us chocolate lovers of the lactose intolerant variety, is actually a surprisingly pleasing accompaniment to milk chocolate. But I've got to tell you -- there's definitely something a little sketchy about this bar, because it can't really be found anywhere on the internet. There is mention of it on some blogs but not on the Lindt website, and I've certainly never seen it in stores. All the information I have, I've gathered from the wrapper.

Lindt: Peach-Apricot Yogurt
Cocoa content: Unlisted (milk)
Notable ingredients: peach, apricot, yogurt
Origin: n/a

Now, I think we can all agree that cream fillings are, as a rule, a classless bunch. And pity the fool who injects vaguely fruit-flavored substances into a perfectly good chocolate bar, as we have seen here and, most notably, here. Furthermore, this isn't just a fruity, creamy filling; this yogurt has something called "crunchy apricot crispies" within, and they're like nothing you've ever encountered before.

Trashy? Yes. But also kind of obscenely delicious, or at least good enough for me to eat it for four consecutive nights despite four consecutive lactose-induced belly aches. I think it was the tanginess of the yogurt, offset by the sweetness of the milk chocolate and the peach flavor, that brought the flavor above and beyond its lowly context. And as for the apricot crispies, they weren't so strange that I couldn't appreciate their crunchy interlude in a sea of dairy. Think of them as the rich man's Fruity Pebble, but encased in a fruity yogurt, that being further encased in milk chocolate. That's a lot to think about, so I'll leave things there.

This bar gets a grade solely based on taste and texture, both of which were heightened in comparison to the not-so-impressive concept. B.


  1. if i might make a suggestion for your next bar...

    the bacon bar--

    the mushroom bar--

    i'd say these bars could be a big hit or miss? i'm guessing a miss.

  2. Thanks Kelsey! I can't eat the bacon bar because I'm a vegetarian, but I imagine it's pretty tasty. My boyfriend tried it and said it was surprisingly un-bacony.

    The mushroom bar sounds a little out there, but I would try it. I've seen it in Vosges stores, though, and I think it's like $9. Maybe someone will buy it for me eventually :)

  3. Hey Helen,

    Do you happen to have a photo/scan of the back of the Lindt Peach-Apricot wrapper?

    I, too, have been looking all over the Internet for more information about this product; no luck. I even called Lindt USA and they knew nothing about it. :(

    Thanks in advance!