Monday, May 4, 2009

Dolfin: Noir au Poivre Rose

"Zartbitterschokolade Mit Rosa Pfeffer"

I know I kind of already reviewed this bar; I wrote a little blurb about Dolfin's Dark Pink Peppercorns a few weeks back. That bar was 59% though, and this bar is 52%. Also that bar tasted completely different and was wrapped completely differently. Also the other bar was totally normal and this bar is not. More on that later. Stats follow:

Dolfin: Noir au Poivre Rose
Cocoa content: 52%
Notable ingredients: pink peppercorns
Origin: none (Dolfin practices "the art of blending,") made in Belgium

This is a really beautiful bar that Michael bought at Cardullo's in Cambridge, MA. It is wrapped in plastic, which is nestled in a plastic-encased paper pouch. The sensibility of its perforations are unmatched: it has about seven or eight perforated bars cut widthwise, each about the same dimensions as a domino, or a stick of Wrigley's gum. 

But this bar is a freak. I always thought peppercorns were more or less the same thing as chili when chocolate was concerned, but now I know that peppercorns are a whole nother animal. There is nothing sharp, or sweet, or hot about peppercorns. They are the fullest, most savory, earthiest things I know. This is the same thing I grind over pasta or soup, except the dark pink variety is a little more floral. This spice wants not for chocolate, and I think the fact that Dolfin has used 52% here exacerbates the situation. It would make more sense with a much darker, fuller cocoa. I give this bar a C+.

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