Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jacques Torres: Brulee Crunch - Milk Chocolate

Whole Foods just started selling Jacques Torres chocolate, it seems. Welcome to West Orange, Jacques!! My mom bought this bar for me. In fact, I should warn you -- I expect postings to speed up for a little while because I received a great deal of chocolate recently. Brace yourselves. Here's the info on this bar:

Jacques Torres: Brulee Crunch - Milk Chocolate
Cocoa content: unlisted; my guess is 35%
Notable ingredients: butter; sugar
Origin: What do you think? Should I get rid of this category? 

Inquiring minds want to know: what is brulee crunch? What exactly is creme brulee and what does it have to do with this bar of chocolate? What are butter crunch bits? The blurb about this bar on Torres's website refers to its "barely noticeable caramel crunch." What is caramel? This bar begs a lot of questions for a piece of candy! First of all, one thing should be clear: we are dealing with the crunchy top surface of a creme brulee here, and not the custardy interior. We'll call this crunchy top the "brulee crunch." This surface is made of burnt, buttered sugar -- also known as caramelized sugar -- also known as caramel. So, brulee crunch, caramel, butter crunch bits: SAME thing, same delicious thing. 

Creme brulee, that classic tawdry delicacy. I don't like it and I never order it. I've also expressed how I feel about its cousin caramel; see here. But if you take just about anything and make it very subtle, it will probably taste good in a sea of creamy milk chocolate. And this is seriously good milk chocolate. My only complaint would be that it was a little too buttery, almost like butterscotch -- it gave me that feeling in the back of my throat that I associate with ice cream, like I really need to drink water. 

An added point of interest: this is one of the best looking chocolate bars I've seen -- not the packaging, but the actual bar itself. It looks like it was poured into a mold in which Jacques Torres's name is spelled out in raised cursive letters. It was really pretty, and then I ate it. A-.

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  1. I like your tendency toward describing chocolate as you would a loose woman: "tawdry," "vulgar," and "low-brow."