Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lindt: Wafer

This is the creamiest delight I've known since Ritter Sport's Cornflakes bar. I bought it because I was at an A&P in Bronxville, NY and I needed a new bar and they only carry things like Lindt and Hershey's and Ghirardelli. I'm drawn to hazelnut candy bars -- especially those containing hazelnut cream (as opposed to whole nuts.) I recommend Kinder's Kinder Bueno bar. This was not half bad either. Stats:

Lindt: Wafer
Cocoa content: Unlisted. My guess: 35%
Notable ingredients: thin wafer cookie; hazelnut cream
Origin: Blend, obviously, made in Germany. I promise a single origin for my next post.

Obviously this was delicious. What can I say? I'm not sure if you can tell from the picture, but embedded in each square is a sweet, crispy wafer cookie, adhered to the chocolate by hazelnut cream. I think this cream is actually a chocolate/hazelnut blend, which makes it comparable to Nutella. This bar was like a cookie, chocolate, and Nutella sandwich. 

So, needless to say, I liked it. I wouldn't mind if the only milk chocolate I had for the rest of my life was made by Lindt. It is a special day for Switzerland. A.

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  1. I wonder if you remember the Kinder Bueno craze of 1997? Or sometime in the late 90s--we were in Ireland. I found them. I went crazy.