Thursday, March 12, 2009

Avant le Blog pt. 1

I ate a lot of chocolate before I started this blog, and I want to document some of that. Unfortunately, I have only been pressing and saving my wrappers for a short time. Here are a few that I have salvaged from this semester, with minimal notes below the pictures. There will be more to come in the next few days.

Dagoba: Lavender. I bought this bar in the organic section at Stop & Shop in Yonkers, NY. I am interested in lavender flavored candies because my mother eats them and to me they taste like soap. This bar didn't taste like soap -- it was divine, Dagoba at its (near) best. A-.
Taza: Stone Ground 70%. My friend Hannah brought this to me -- she got it at Whole Foods. I dig Taza -- I think they are based in Somerville, MA, and I used to buy their chocolate at the farmers' market in Lexington, Mass. This was delicious, solid dark chocolate with an almost gritty consistency. B+.

Dolfin: Dark Pink Peppercorns. This bar is wrapped beautifully. I bought it at Eden Gourmet in South Orange, NJ. Dolfin is not super special chocolate but I was interested in this because it combined hot spice (pink peppercorn) with a cocoa content in my "dark milk" range. That is unusual. This was not fantastic chocolate, but I enjoyed it and the packaging is tight. B.

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