Sunday, March 15, 2009

Avant le Blog pt. 4

Here is the list of what I ate in 2008 (in two parts.)
The best ones from this list (including the lower half, below) are: Phinney 3400: Bread & Chocolate; Blanxart: Chocolate Negro con Almendras; Zotter: Almonds & Roses; Vosges: Calindia; and Green & Blacks: Ginger.

Another one of note is the Michel Cluizel: Noir Infini bar, which is 99% cocoa. Unspeakably dense and muddy, not exactly tasty but a pleasurable, earthy experience.

Zotter and Blanxart are probably the most interesting brands I tried last year -- both of them I have only ever seen at the fancy Food Emporium Fine Chocolates Shop on 68th and 3rd. Zotter is Austrian and Blanxart is Spanish. I am looking to get my hands on more of both of these.  


  1. i want to go chocolate shopping with u.

  2. Subscribe To CIHK-- I think you meant to type CHIK, right? And isn't there one other blog you follow that you ain't posted? My co-op carries Blanxart, incidentally, and I have a 20%-off coupon too.