Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dagoba: Lime

This is my first entry. It is a test entry, I guess. The bar of chocolate that I have most recently finished is this, a Dagoba bar. I hope to improve the resolutions of my photos; right now I'm only using my cell phone. Anyhow, some stats:

Dagoba: Lime
Cocoa content: 59%
Notable ingredients: lime; macadamia nuts
Chocolate source: USA

I dig this bar but it is not my favorite of Dagoba's products. Lime does not belong in chocolate; citrus in general does not really belong in chocolate unless it is candied, like orange peel. Dagoba doesn't indicate how the chocolate was infused with lime, but I think what I taste (granted, very subtly) is essence of lime or lime zest rather than lime peel. Chocolate wants for peel, not for citric oils. Other complaints: the macadamia nuts are too big for the delicate, narrow perforation pattern that Dagoba uses. I cannot easily break the bar along the lines without a nut getting in the way. Also, I can't get this chocolate to melt in my mouth. 

I may later switch to percentage values or scale-of-ten ratings, but for now I will issue a B-

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