Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Organic Meltdown: Cinnamon & Chili

This is what I just started eating last night. I bought it at Chelsea Organic on 7th Ave at 18th St. It's actually a brand that I haven't seen before although I buy most of my chocolate at organic markets like Whole Foods and Eden Gourmet. Some stats:

Organic Meltdown: Cinnamon & Chili
Cocoa content: 71%
Notable ingredients: cinnamon; chili
Chocolate source: Switzerland

What's cute about this bar is that there is a code on the inside of the wrapper that you can register on some website and save/dedicate a tree. There is a little note under the code that says "Any unclaimed trees will still be saved. Forever!" So I think maybe it is more about dedication and I don't do that. 

The cinnamon in this bar is kind of hard to taste; with every bite I get it for like 5 seconds before the chili overpowers it. The chili in this bar is definitely spicier than most other chili bars I've tasted, including a Dolfin bar that I had a few weeks ago. That is badass but it didn't really make the bar taste any better. The Organic Meltdown has great melting potential but is almost gummy upon chewing. I didn't get immense pleasure from tasting this bar. The block perforations are sensible and I like the wrapping. B.

Just a note about milk/dark labels. The system I'm working with right now is this: any cocoa content up to 35% is MILK. Between 35% and 60% is DARK MILK. Between 60% and 85% is DARK. Above 85% is EXTRA DARK. I will maybe include a notation if the bar calls itself "Semisweet," but most makers don't talk about that. 

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